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UK news

4 Labour peers in the Lords were accused on corruption but 'cleared'. Attempts are being made to tighten up rules of conduct. Overseeing this process is "Lady" Rowall, who was actually one of the people who recently brought in new 'relaxed' rules.

One of them is Lord Truscott. He was an MEP, then became Energy Minister. He also works for a PR company that lists Gaazprom among its clients. This could be problematic, as Gordon Brown's brother represents the French power concern EDF. Oh, and one of Truscott's business partners (Frank Timis, a Romanian) was twice convicted of possessing herion with intent to supply.

Overpriced public private partnerships are to continue - the private sector will bear the risk by means of banks owned by the government. The logic ...

David Cameron's treasurer, Stanley Fink, is boss of ISAM hedge fund - registered in the Caymans for tax avoidance purposes. Labour has not kicked up a fuss about this, as their own Lord Levy is chairman of ISAM!

Stanly Fink accepted 2 GBP50,000 donations from separate companies owned by gambling millionaire Trevot Hemmings. That way he doesn't look too persuasive in the party.

Amicus - UK's largest trade union. in 2002 current leader Derek Simpson replaced the old leader, using in part a ruling saying that the old leader had overstayed in office. The same ruling is now being used against him. Something to do with high pay and free mansion ...

Warrior fighting vehicle - Iraq, Afghanistan.
The machine gun mounted on it can fire without anyone pulling the trigger. People have died. The army replaced faulty triggers ... with other faulty triggers.

The UK govt is trying to encourage Zimbabwean refugees to go back home - they now get free cholera vaccinations!

25,000 staff sacked at the HM Revenue and Customs. In insolvency cases, claims for under GBP100k will not be chased. Omitted income up to GBP 5k will not be chased if a first attempt to contact the taxpayer failed - DO NOT PICK UP THE PHONE!!

KPMG keep taking the head of HMRC out for lunch. Why?

A British man was held in error in Dover detention cenrte even after his nationality was proved. Length of detention? 8 months!

Alternative medicine providers set up a toothless 'regulator' to rubberstamp their products. The govt stumped up GBP 9000k because it is backed by HRH Prince of Wales. Unofficial name for the regulator? ofquack

The directors of the 8 largest high street banks scooped GBP420m in bonuses from 2000-2007.

Re: UK news

... The govt stumped up GBP 900k [not 9000k] because it is backed by HRH Prince of Wales. Unofficial name for the regulator? ofquack

Re: UK news

What's the difference between Terry Wogan, BBC Radio Two presenter and much-loved personality, and the CEOs of all leading UK banks?

Answer: he has banking qualifications.

Unfortunately, this is not a joke. The real joke got elected.

Re: UK news

Many years ago when I worked in that sector, I was told (by a senior bank exec at the head office of a major bank) that the banking exams were pretty useless anyway. My view is that this is nothing to do with a lack of banking qualifications and everything to do with a lack of internal controls, poor accounting practices and a devil may care attitude to risk. Basically common sense went out of the window in the pursuit of profits. You don't have exams in common sense.

Re: UK news

Banking exams are tosh - agreed.

Errm - the internal controls were working just fine. The problem is that the bank execs were bankrolling the Labour Party with their shareholders' cash in return for the now-famous "light touch regulation" brought in by Gordon Brown personally. [Pre-Brown the banking system was under the "boring" control of the Bank of England.]

Labour got dosh, bank execs got dosh, any whistleblowers got sacked, the regulators got too scared to say anything and the country got rogered - all thanks to Gordon the Moron personally.

Do you honestly think you'd just have sat back while everyone made horrendous amounts of money? It's human nature to get your nose in the trough if you're able to get away with it.