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Jade Goody knows God's intentions

Jade - a Big Brother nobody with a large mouth - is tragically ill with terminal cancer (announced to her on live TV). All sympathies to her.

She got married pronto and now says that she is "ready to go to Heaven". Errm even Max Clifford, her PR guru, can't guarantee that one.

Re: Jade Goody knows God's intentions

She may not be the most popular celeb around but the publicity surrounding her terminal illness has led to a huge demand for cervical smears from women who have suddenly realised you can actually die from cervical cancer. I'm sure St Peter will look favourably on the fact that the publicity surrounding her tragic situation has possibly saved many other lives. She's only 27 and will leave behind two kids.

Re: Jade Goody knows God's intentions

Another thing it might highlight is the vaccine against a disease which causes a great deal of cervical cancer.
Astonishingly, there is resistance against vaccinating pre-teen girls because it reflects on their possible future sexual behaviour.
Coming back to the tragic Jade, who's sinking fast in awful circumstances, the situation puts the spotlight on effective follow-up of the screening process - she ignored a call to attend clinic after she tested positive for cancerous cells.
When I go for check-ups I make damn sure I get the results. Cancer is no fun.

Re: Jade Goody knows God's intentions


But just compare the antics of Jade and the media circus with the behaviour of Bobby Robson (a great bloke I once had the honour of chatting with) and Wendy Richards. Well-known in their own right, but choosing not to inflict their suffering on a voyeuristic media (public).

Re: Jade Goody knows God's intentions

I think it was well documented that the publicity is to provide some financial security for her two sons.

I agree about the stupidity of any form of moral opposition to the hpv vaccine. It is immoral and stupid to oppose health protection for any reason. People have a duty to protect health first and moralise on their hobbyhorse later (and that's me moralising on my own hobbyhorse lol). It reminds me of faith based charity hospitals refusing to give out condoms in Africa to prevent the spread of AIDS. Sometimes common sense needs to take over and halos need to be put aside.

Re: Jade Goody knows God's intentions

Everybody knows that 90% of condoms remove 90% of sensation.
What's more the moment you lose a bit of ardour, so to speak, the condom wall automatically becomes thicker thereby giving negative reinforcement.
That's why that Benny bloke is against rubber johnnies!

Re: Jade Goody knows God's intentions

And HPV has caused a lot of throat cancers in recent years too. No joke.