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Re: UK news

Many years ago when I worked in that sector, I was told (by a senior bank exec at the head office of a major bank) that the banking exams were pretty useless anyway. My view is that this is nothing to do with a lack of banking qualifications and everything to do with a lack of internal controls, poor accounting practices and a devil may care attitude to risk. Basically common sense went out of the window in the pursuit of profits. You don't have exams in common sense.

Re: UK news

Banking exams are tosh - agreed.

Errm - the internal controls were working just fine. The problem is that the bank execs were bankrolling the Labour Party with their shareholders' cash in return for the now-famous "light touch regulation" brought in by Gordon Brown personally. [Pre-Brown the banking system was under the "boring" control of the Bank of England.]

Labour got dosh, bank execs got dosh, any whistleblowers got sacked, the regulators got too scared to say anything and the country got rogered - all thanks to Gordon the Moron personally.

Do you honestly think you'd just have sat back while everyone made horrendous amounts of money? It's human nature to get your nose in the trough if you're able to get away with it.