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German Car Company and Auschwitz

German car company 'used hair from Jews murdered at Auschwitz'

The German government is in the embarrassing position of having to decide whether or not to bail out an industrial giant accused of using the hair from Jews murdered in the gas chambers of Auschwitz to make textiles at its factories in Nazi occupied Poland during the First World War.

The rest of the story:


Re: German Car Company and Auschwitz

Of course, this is the Second World War and not the First as stated in the article.

Re: German Car Company and Auschwitz

Bosch, Volkswagen, Bayer, Krupp ... I'd be amazed if any large German company that was around in the 1930s didn't have some link or other with the Holocaust or Nazi party.

Companies are not people - they are merely organisations on paper designed to provide a framework within which to work. A company cannot be guilty in a moral sense for what its management did a long time ago.

I watched "Who do you think you are?" about Kevin Whately (actor: Inspector Morse's sidekick). Styles himself as a working-class leftie (though he's a greater toff than anyone I know) ... but comes from a long line of super-rich people (loads of top clergy) and Virginian slave-owners. He's more guilty than Bayer, for example. There's at least a DNA link there.