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Lack of interest in local history


In my wife's village there is a ruined memorial and a ruined chapel in a farmer's garden. The whole thing is falling down - a real wreck. I asked my wife about it and she knew nothing at all, which is strange seeing as she has a pretty encyclopedic knowledge of everything to do with the village. All she could tell me was it used to be "folwark" there - where landless labourers lived.

Anyway, I fell into conversation with the father of a friend of my son and he told me that hundreds of Austro-Hungarian soldiers were buried there after the 1914 battle of Anielin-Laski (Świetlikowa Wola). Years later (he didn't know when) attempts were made to exhume, but the soil conditions were such that the bodies had become irretrievable, and there were health fears too. This bloke also used to handle drainage in the area, and said that animal remains decomposed quickly there too.

Just think, nowadays people are living on top of the remains of hundreds of bodies. Spooky in the extreme. It's just another of the gruesome secrets in which my wife's village excels!

Most people know nothing about the battle, and it isn't taught about in local schools. It's as if it never happened.

Re: Lack of interest in local history

There's an awful lot of history not taught in Poland. History teaching in Poland is highly nationalistic.