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Polish driver in UK kills 5 on Motorway


Horrific M1 motorway crash caused by Pole

Five people have been killed after a head-on car crash on the M1 motorway, police have said.

A middle-aged mother, her son and daughter, both aged in their 20s, and their uncle were all pronounced dead at the scene of the accident on the southbound M1 in Bedfordshire last night.

The family members, thought to be from the London area, were in a Jaguar that collided with a Volkswagen Passat being driven in the wrong direction by a Polish man who also died.

Officers said the Volkswagen appeared to have been travelling north on the southbound carriageway when the crash occurred near Luton at around 11.20pm.The collision forced police to close the M1 for around seven hours

Both cars were mangled in the smash, which happened between junctions 10 and 11 and scattered debris over a large part of the carriageway

Inspector Colin Bonner, from Bedfordshire Road Policing Unit, said he thought the Passat driver was heading south before he turned round and started driving north.

Insp Bonner said: "We don't know why this driver turned around - it may have been roadworks, he may have been confused or ill. We are desperate to hear from anyone who saw what happened."

A police spokesman said officers were still contacting next-of-kin and were liaising with their counterparts in Poland


Re: Polish driver in UK kills 5 on Motorway

Truly believable given the general appalling standard of driving here in Poland. There's no answer to it either - people cannot be taught not to be so inconsiderate of everyone else, as many behave like that in all aspects of their life.

Re: Polish driver in UK kills 5 on Motorway

Considering the number of accidents caused and offences committed. Wouldn't it make sense to require Poles and other Eastern Europeans to take a UK or Irish driving test before they can drive in the UK or Ireland?

Re: Polish driver in UK kills 5 on Motorway

If You look on Polish statistics about car accidents, you'll see, that no matter what, they cause accidents.
This problem doesn't include the fact they can't drive well, it's all about irresponsibilty and daring.

It's sad.

polish drink driving

it has to stop.these people are so arrogant that they flaunt the law in the uk the same as they do in poland.......i have seen polish coach drivers touring along main roads in the uk and reach under the dash board to produce alcohaul and then drink it......ive also known many workers who go to work every day many times over the limit.........i think the polish must understand that the uk is not a hillbilly horse n kart country like they are used too, they cant do what they want here!