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Polish family from Chojnice "Skiba" have stolen my new born son!!!!!

I have a son to a Polish girl (Patrycja Skiba) who is now lives in Chojnice, Poland.

Her mother and father have five daughters, they have been trying for many years to have a son of their own without any success.

As soon as her mother and father found out my ex girlfriend is pregnant with my son, they took her to Poland from England and kept her there until she gave birth to our son on July 2008.

They put pressure on her and forced her to give our son to them in exchange for some money.

My ex girlfriend is totally thick and materialistic and money to her is everything in her life.

She told me we can not be together because I have promised to give away our son to my parents.

My ex girlfriend is now lives in Poznan without our son.

She has sold our son to her parents for a large sums of money. My son is now lives in Chojnice with her mother and father(Skiba family).

Polish law is not doing much about it because of huge corruption in the justice system.

On my son's birth certificate My ex girlfriend and her family put; father is unknown!!!!!!!! and they put their own surname on my son i.e. Skiba.

Poland is now part of EU, However thier legal system do not take any responsibility for other EU Citizens.

According to Polish law the child surname should be the same as the father. Clearly in this case it is not.

This Polish family from Chojnice in Poland have been hiding my son from myself since he has been born.

I have not been able to meet my son as yet.

Skiba family is totally insane, they need to seek medical help or see some Psychiatric.

This crazy family have clearly stolen my son.

Stealing a child is against Polish Law and EU Law and British Law.

What is Polish Government or Polish Law is going to do about this child stealing????????????????????????

Re: Polish family from Chojnice

I think there should be legal avenues for you to explore. Even in Poland. For example a simple DNA test should show that you are the father.

Re: Polish family from Chojnice

A baby with a thick ex-girlfriend?

I'm sure there's some kid of message there.

DNA tests are readily available - the thick girl next door had one done to prove her equally challenged former other half was the daddy.