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my place in the world- could you check my homework? plaese !

I live in place where surround ny mountains. It's the one with charactersitic elements for my region. The most fomous are: Bieszczady and Zakopane. With mountains sonnected is culture people who lives in thiis area. Mountains are the most beautiful region elements where I life.

Woods are the next element landscapes, wich they are characterized by my area, where I live. Closes and the best I know is forest near my house. It's very neat by people and live there a lot of animals, among other things: deers, stages and hares.

Wayside shrines are connected with faith people. In Cracow is their a lot of, some of them come still with I world war. People built their to get lost for care, good harvest, health and help. until these days people take care of chaples becouse they don't want that time destroyed them.

Poles cultivates a lands. Majority of people have owne gardens, in their plant vegetables and fruits. They care for theyselves harvest, becouse people in my region prefer one's own food. They plant: potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces ect. Gardens are also the place where can rest. The place, where is silence and can forget about problems. Garden is place, where people can think about all problems.

The most popular entertaiment place are other things: theatres. People like come to performance. In schools are lot of trip in theatrs. The most know and the oldest theatr is Teatr Słowagkiego. He is descended with time kings. IN their put out are plays the biggest writer in the world eg. Williama Shakespeara.

Wawel located in centre Cracow. It's former seat kings and centre former Polish capital. It's main atraction in Cracow. Every year on Wawel arrive thousands turists, to visit and see it.

I hope that sb help me soon.


Re: my place in the world- could you check my homework? plaese !

The English needs to be corrected. Lots of errors.

Re: my place in the world- could you check my homework? plaese !

och i know but i'm still working on my english...

Re: my place in the world- could you check my homework? plaese !

To begin with you don't seem to have used any articles (a, an, the) in your composition. Polish doesn't use them, but, English does.

Also lots of spelling mistakes.

Your first sentence might be corrected like this:

I live in place where surround ny mountains = I live in a place, which is surrounded by mountains.

Sorry, I'm not going to do any more, as it's your homework not mine

Re: my place in the world- could you check my homework? plaese !

OK. I understand, it's too badly with my skills :)