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Poland and Polish Discussion Group and Forum
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polish people

I really am very sad at how the polish people have single handedly destroyed their reputation in england.....the things i have read about their greed ,selfishness,attitude etc etc is just terrible......i do not see what is wrong with these people and why they are so bolshi and obsessed with making money and trying to cheat everyone the come across.I was watching a polish film which symbolised there true nature....the scene depicted a gang of polish surrounding their flag and pulling at it and shouting(in polish) mine mine mine.......until the flag ripped and blood poured out of it.......this is the reality of poland..........money selfishness and greed !

Re: polish people

If you read that in the Daily Mail, I would just like to remind you that Lord Rothermere lives in the UK, is exceptionally rich, has an extensive country estate etc etc BUT PAYS NO UK INCOME TAX!!!
Now why is that? He claims he is a non-domicile, even though the centre of his life interests is in the UK, where he spends most of his time.
Answer: he successfully persuaded the head of the tax investigators to discontinue the investigation into his affairs. Corruption, English-style

Re: polish people

yes its one thing to do it in your own country and totally different when you are guests in another country.........when in rome does not apply unless your stupid or part of our goverment.......the best way to draw attention to ones self is to be part of a foreign minority group and to be breaking the law......now that is stupid

Re: polish people

“unless your stupid or part of our government”

“if God did not want them to be sheared he would not have made them sheep” The Magnificent Seven, Calvera (Eli Wallach)

Re: polish people

Or shall we talk about the tax avoiding Barclay Brothers - owners of the Daily Telegraph of the MPs expenses scandal fame?
The former owner ended up in a Canadian jail ... Brits only get justice abroad!! As guests