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Poland and Polish Discussion Group and Forum
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polish smuggling

heres a tale..... a polish lorry driver turns up at a fishing port with 150000 pounds worth of cigarettes in the back,he gets stopped by the police and then says he did not know that they were in there ........what a liar, how could you not notice that amount of contraband........similarly,polania coach drivers had also been pulled over with thousands of pounds worth of booze and tobacco in the boot.......Does anyone one see the pattern here, greed for money as usual

Re: polish smuggling

Cigarettes and alcohol are cheaper here and with human nature being as it is ...

The answer is for there to be a free market in the EU. Why should there be price differentiation within what is essentially one country now? Should Scottish whisky be cheaper in Scotland than England? Should English university students have to pay a fortune in tuition fees and Scots pay nothing?

You heard me right: ONE COUNTRY! The EU is virtually one federal state. 75% of all new laws are directives from Brussels and rubber stamped by the various poxy little local assemblies, like the Houses of Parliament or the Polish Sejm. Obviously, it will take time to re-educate recalcitrant legal regimes like the UK, but a certain level of local colour is OK in federal systems like the USA (e.g. Delaware company law), so why not in the United States of Europe?

Re: polish smuggling

Yes; greed for money! Imagine a political philosophy using the coercive power of government to levy confiscatory and regressive taxes on a civilian population. This calls for non-violent civil disobedience.