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Poland and Polish Discussion Group and Forum
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UK news round-up

Brown's Labour govt leads the UK to bankruptcy then implodes, mainly over a minor MPs expenses row. UK population has no idea the country is bust. Loony parties like eco-fascists, little Englanders and Nazis set to gain in local and Euro elections.

On average UK MPs cost GBP 360k a head. MEPs cost GBP 1.8m a head. Poles have no idea either. MEPs have voted to keep their expenses secret.

New UK finance minister soon - Ed Balls?? Funny man, even funnier ideas. Watch the massive increase in spending as Labour engage in election-winning or burnt earth policy. The stock market is set to rise rapidly in the next 2-3 months and there'll be claims of "green shoots". Brown should go either for an August 2009 or a February 2010 election, but won't.

1 year ago Bank of England gov. claimed sub-prime losses would be about $170bn. Latest IMF stimate $4100bn. And we trust these guys. makes you feel like Weimar all over agin ...