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1989: Poland's disastrous new order

Everyone cheered.
Solidarity cheered - Communism was dead.
The world cheered - Communism was dead.
The Communists cheered - we're going to rule in a different way and get even richer.

And so it came to pass. Check out who is in charge of former nationalised businesses, and you'll get a Commie or son of a Commie. Who's in Brussels? Danuta Huebner, daughter of a Commie secret police torturer. Solorz (owner of Polsat and Poland's richest man) - his past is a matter of public record. He even stole from a charity sending goods to martial law Poland. These people are stinking rich and amazingly arrogant with it. Meanwhile, their former victims are still victims.

Re: 1989: Poland's disastrous new order

There is something in considering that the cynical communists of the late sixties and seventies could, through slavish tutoring, recite by rote the tenets of Marxist Historiography and the underlying philosophical teachings of the proto-marxists while not believing in any of the supposed perfections of communist society.

This group schooled on Pierre-Joseph Proudhon’s teachings accepted the surface meaning of Proudhons’s “Property is theft!” without ever understanding the nuance of Proudhon’s thesis. They had always considered that the capitalist west was based on theft and therefore their embracing of “capitalism” was evidenced by the degree to which they practiced theft. The true basis of libertarian capitalism being the economic multipliers of: -comparative advantage in trading; -productivity gains through investment; and, -timely response to market demand, is just not comprehended by those holdovers and their successors.

The irony is that Marx came to reject the “property is theft" trope. Apparently the consideration that if the state controlled all property then it must have stolen it from somewhere could not be addressed without convolutions which even Marxist propositions were unable to address.