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Re: Shared goals, values in Poland

I've got a lot of time for Americans generally. Most educated Brits don't - not quite sure why.

Iraq was dumb though.

Re: Shared goals, values in Poland

Poland as U.S. ally

Poland has suffered through its 1,000 or so years of history from invasions and partitions, and distrusts both Russia and Germany.

Most recently, during World War II, the Nazis killed 3 million Polish Jews, and the Nazis and Soviets combined to kill 3½ million non-Jewish Poles.

The Poles love Americans and America.

I cannot agree with this article, I don't believe true Poles have much time for the USA, It has to be remembered that the US did nothing to stop communism in Poland after the 2nd WW nor was it interested in the Katyn question for fear of not getting on side with Stalin.
It currently restricts travel between the two countries.

Sorry Mike C sorry to disagree on this one, rememember not everyone worships the american dollar however overvalued it is.
Nice to have you on board again Mick C.. Good Luck

Re: Shared goals, values in Poland

The dollar overvalued - hmmm. What's in a value? True,it will go down over the next month before bouncing right up again as the world's stock markets crash right on time for a most depressing autumn. But look on the bright side - gas prices will fall and stay low, and the gold in your ex-wife's wedding ring will go down in value too :)

FDR - yes, he did misjudge Stalin, but Poland had no chance anyway - the mere fact of a few million Soviet troops in the immediate vicinity and Russian vital interests in play would have seen to that if the political game had failed. It would simply have resulted in more unnecessary deaths.