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Re: Poland's economy immune to recession

Gordon Brown, ever the visionary, closed a whole load of JobCentres in 2006. Now in 2009 he has with great fanfare declared that he is investing in "new" JobCentres ...
The Inland Revenue sold off all its buildings - cheaply - to a property company in a tax haven and leased them back for 20 years, with guarantees of profit levels. Moronic or simply corruption?
The Commonwealth Development Corporation used to be about reducing Third World poverty, especially rural and water issues. It got sold off for peanuts, with the new owners (including the old advisors) making a fortune, and has turned its back on rural and water issues to invest in new shopping centres. Moronic or corruption? Certainly immoral Nu Labour at its best.
Consultants, civil servants and politicians keep on jumping from one branch to another after making the "correct" decision on a project, then profit from the situation in terms of cash. And yet Brits stare blankly at you when you say they live in a country rife with high level corruption. Surely not! They don't even comment on the energy sector being sold off to EDF, a company advised by Gordon Brown's brother.

Re: Poland's economy immune to recession

Investors' focus on Warsaw

Plans to invest? Warsaw’s the option - claim foreign investors surveyed by Cushman & Wakefield. The well-known global research company has just published its latest „European Cities Monitor 2009” report.
The Polish capital city classified first among the cities which in the upcoming five years may count on the highest amounts of new investors. While last year there were 28 companies which considered investing in Warsaw, this year the number rose to 36. Warsaw came before Moscow, which was winning the ranking for the last two years, and among others, Bucharest and Prague.

- We are pleased with the results as they show improvement in Warsaw’s image as a possible investment destination for the biggest investment projects - said Warsaw’s Deputy President Jarosław Kochaniak.

Warsaw has also classified on high 3rd position in terms of business climate created by government (here the best were Dublin and Geneva) and in respect of the value for office space in relation to its standards (Birmingham and Leeds came respectively first and second in the category).

In the overall ranking i.e. covering all the criteria (standard of living, quality of telecommunication services, location, accessibility and workers’ reputation, office space renting costs, etc.) Warsaw ranked on 23rd position, coming before Copenhagen, Vienna, Moscow and Athens. In this year's ranking again the best was London.

The underlying data was researched independently by Cushman & Wakefield. 500 senior executives from leading European companies gave their views on Europe’s leading business cities. (Gazeta Wyborcza / um.warszawa.pl)