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Poland’s economy – “sehr gut!”

07.09.2009 12:31
The German daily newspaper, Die Welt, reports that Poland is the only European country which has survived the global credit crunch without slump.

The newspaper stresses the fact that Poland, within a few years, would be a better candidate to the Eurozone area than Germany.

Die Welt refers to a report on the condition of economies in more than 30 countries all over the world, prepared by the German Deka-Bank.

The report says that Poland, China and India are the only countries that have been achieving constant economic growth during the credit crunch. Polish economy experienced 2.2 percent growth rate, while German economy decreased 6.9 percent.

‘Our neighbours have a better remedy for the crunch than merely bonuses for scrapping cars,’ claims Die Welt, referring to the German government’s incentive scheme for getting rid of old, fuel inefficient cars.

According to the German newspaper, taking into account Euro convergence criteria - imposing conditions on inflation, budget deficit and more - Poland, within a few years would make a better candidate to the Eurozone than Germany, whose economy is in freefall.

Die Welt predicts that the preparations for the 2012 European Football Championship will be another economic stimulus for Poland.

‘We can only hope that Poles will not be better at football,’ concludes Die Welt. (kk)

Wow, Bravo, Well done Poland!!!

Re: Poland’s economy – “sehr gut!”

Poland’s economy outperforms Germany's when the Poles beat Germans at the Eurocup…it will be a New World Order ineed

On another note, Germany remains Poland's largest trading partner. Many Polish entrepreneurs made a killing since Poland officially joined the EU, largely thanks to their western neighbors.

Re: Poland’s economy – “sehr gut!”

No mention of the billions in EU handouts given to Poland by her western and northern neighbours ...

The EU funding and slave-like salaries paid to workers in Poland are the main factors in this 'success story'.

Re: Poland’s economy – “sehr gut!”

Hey Hans, what happened to 10 years of growth before Poland became eligible for EU funds? Poland’s economy grew steadily BEFORE EU funding. Solid, sometimes painful economic/monetary policy (Balcerowicz) and Polish entrepreneurship resulted in growth.

Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Ireland all received similar subsidies upon their entry to the EU. With the exception of Ireland, none have outperformed Poland economically upon entry, especially considering Poland had a state-run, communist economy during the Soviet era.

Hans, let go of your Prussian tendencies and accept the new reality:

1. Poland is on track to becoming a leading European economy. Please become familiar with all economic indicators and you will realize the true role EU funding plays.

2. Germany is slowly fading due to immigration policies, cultural, economic, and demographic factors.

3. Prussian “expellees” (as they like to be called) will never get their land back.

4. Keep spending money in Poland. Poland thanks you. Keep up the good work!

Re: Poland’s economy – “sehr gut!”

Greece is only now getting round to building sewers - they invested in roads first (and in politicians' bank accounts by way of brown envelopes).
Poland, despite sluggishness in roadbuilding, has built loads of sewers and water pipes.
As for business, anything the govt doesn't harm by direct action has done well.
As a side issue, cash for clunkers is a waste of money. It has diverted money yet again from the real problem of debt. Collapse in demand is not the driving force in this crisis. Debt is.

Re: Poland’s economy – “sehr gut!”

"2. Germany is slowly fading due to immigration policies, cultural, economic, and demographic factors."

I think reunification has caused a decline rather than the others.

3. Prussian “expellees” (as they like to be called) will never get their land back. "

Goodness the whole getting land back brigade really needs to be closed off now. I mean for each group it's like saying lets pretend all the wars didn't happen and go back to such and such a date (when the status quo was advantageous for them) and pretend we are back there. It's beyond any logic.