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The Chinese are coming!


Tusk's govt signed agreements with the Indian and Chinese govts allowing in principle immigration of 100,00 people from those 2 countries.

The link shows a motorway construction contract going to a Chinese company for a ridiculously low price. Of course they will use Chinese labour.

My question: which political party told the electorate that a vote for us is a vote to change the ethnic make up of Poland?

Re: The Chinese are coming!

Money speaks all lauguages, I don't think the Poles and Chinese have much in common.. one thing that will shock the Poles is the methods of the chinese mafia.
Short term gains re cheap labour, long time pain with increase in crime etc etc and etc.

I feel sorry for Poland!!!

Re: The Chinese are coming!


Short term gains re cheap labour, long time pain with increase in crime etc etc and etc.


But PiS (the opposition) were planning to do the same.

Re: The Chinese are coming!

I thought there was already a small chinese/vietnamese population in Poland. Poland has historically been a highly cosmopolitan country. It's only the Soviets that changed its naturally open door policy. I seem to recall the soviets created trade links between Poland and china in the first place. I'd imagine that Poland has reinforced these trade links and taken advantage of the huge potential china has to offer as has the rest of the western world.

The main thing I object to with this is the fact that it is undercutting Polish labour.

Re: The Chinese are coming!

If you are from Vietnam, China, Turkey or wherever, and can scrape together enough money to establish a business (a restaurant or takeaway for example), Poland is the cheapest and easiest place in the EU to do so and in return for your investment be given all the necessary official paperwork. Lots have moved in in recent years using this method.

I can't remember how much money is needed, but, it's not a lot. Certainly much less than other EU countries.

Warsaw has long had a large population of Vietnamese.

Of course, for many such immigrants, Poland is just a stepping stone to western Europe.

As for this new large-scale immigration into Poland: did the people of any country ever vote in favour of similar?

I think not.

Re: The Chinese are coming!

Well they must have realised what schengen meant when they agreed it don't you think...

Re: The Chinese are coming!

Who must have realised?

The immigrants?


Other Euro countries?

Re: The Chinese are coming!

Whoever agreed it and signed up to it

Re: The Chinese are coming!

Enoch Powell organised immigrant boats to the UK from the Caribbean ...