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US’s “clumsy” timing for anti-missile announcement

Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski said, Thursday, that the decision to announce the cancellation of the anti-missile shield in Poland on the anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland, 70 years ago, was “clumsy”.

The timing of the announcement by President Obama that the anti-missile shield agreement, signed between Poland and the Bush administration in August 2008, clearly came as a surprise to both Donald Tusk’s government and President Lech Kaczynski.

September 17 was meant to be a news day dominated in Poland by ceremonies marking the invasion by the Red Army in 1939.

That the cancellation of the anti-missile shield is being perceived as a victory for the Kremlin – who strongly opposed the plan from the beginning – makes the timing of the announcement more difficult for the government.

Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski said in a press conference yesterday that he, “realized that the timing of the news was clumsy” and that it had distracted from the ceremonies of events 70 years ago.

Sikorski repeated, however, that the agreement with the US for Patriot missiles to be deployed in Poland would go ahead, beginning this year and completed by 2012, with an American garrison to support the battery.

“What’s new is that the American side assured us that the Patriot missiles will be fully armed,” said Sikorski, referring to the original agreement which only mentioned “training warheads” to on the Patriots.

Patriots are a short to medium range missile system which will be placed on Poland’s eastern border.

Sikorski also said that Poland would be making sure that it was involved in the new missile system proposed by the White House yesterday, which Barack Obama described as “swifter, safer and smarter”. (pg)

source: TVP Info

The US has never been a true friend of Poland..

Re: US’s “clumsy” timing for anti-missile announcement

Did Poland really want to be a base for US missiles? I think not. I for one thought it was a great idea for the US but not for Poland. Im glad it's been withdrawn. Just makes Poland a target and buffer zone otherwise.

I've not investigated recently but hasn't the Polish army been totally reinforced since joining Nato etc?

Re: US’s “clumsy” timing for anti-missile announcement

I think that Poland WANTS to host American Patriot short range nuclear weapons instead. At least it has offered.

Re: US’s “clumsy” timing for anti-missile announcement

Yeah I don't know the technicalities but from what has passed my newsreading radar that seems less high profile than the shield. The shield was controversial.

Re: US’s “clumsy” timing for anti-missile announcement

It's a shame that once again the west has turned its back on Poland. The Germans and Russians invaded in 1939 and Britain and France provided no assistance. It appears that the country of my ancestors is once again "standing alone".

Re: US’s “clumsy” timing for anti-missile announcement

Britain declared war on Germany as a result of the invasion of Poland!

Perhaps France didn't do a whole lot, but, Britain went to war for five years because of this when it could easily have just kept out of the whole matter.

Re: US’s “clumsy” timing for anti-missile announcement

Britain didn't do a lot until they were threatened with invasion. If Japan hadn't bombed pearl harbour, britain would have been hard pushed to offer much help anyway. They were certainly not in a position to help Poland single handedly. In any event had the Soviet union not changed sides the allies would not have won. Poland sees Britain as letting them down in their hour of need, but in reality there was little they could do with limited resources. The allies did let Poland down during the Warsaw uprising and by not destroying the rail lines to auschwitz, but that's another debate.

Re: US’s “clumsy” timing for anti-missile announcement

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