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Re: US’s “clumsy” timing for anti-missile announcement

I totally agree with the thinking that
Travel won for the whole family
Do not let the impact financial influence your travel.
Experience the difference :

Re: US’s “clumsy” timing for anti-missile announcement

It's a shame that once again the west has turned its back on Poland. The Germans and Russians invaded in 1939 and Britain and France provided no assistance. It appears that the country of my ancestors is once again "standing alone".

Re: US’s “clumsy” timing for anti-missile announcement

Britain declared war on Germany as a result of the invasion of Poland!

Perhaps France didn't do a whole lot, but, Britain went to war for five years because of this when it could easily have just kept out of the whole matter.

Re: US’s “clumsy” timing for anti-missile announcement

Britain didn't do a lot until they were threatened with invasion. If Japan hadn't bombed pearl harbour, britain would have been hard pushed to offer much help anyway. They were certainly not in a position to help Poland single handedly. In any event had the Soviet union not changed sides the allies would not have won. Poland sees Britain as letting them down in their hour of need, but in reality there was little they could do with limited resources. The allies did let Poland down during the Warsaw uprising and by not destroying the rail lines to auschwitz, but that's another debate.