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Polanski - above the law?

"A diplomatic war was brewing today over the arrest of the filmmaker Roman Polanski, who was detained in Switzerland on a decades-old warrant relating to the rape of a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

France and Poland urged Switzerland to free the 76-year-old director on bail and said they would be lobbying the US government all the way up to the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton"


Roman Polanski's Wikipedia page frozen after 'edit war' over child sex charges

Roman Polanski's Wikipedia page has been frozen, after the film maker's arrest for having sex with an underage girl.

The website styles itself as the encyclopedia anyone can edit, but members of the public have been blocked to from making changes to Polanski's entry.

Wikipedia's moderators decided to act after an "edit war" broke out between contributors after news of the director's detention in Switzerland emerged on Sunday morning ...........


Re: Polanski - above the law?

I don't understand why Poland is involved in this. Is he still a Polish citizen?

Re: Polanski - above the law?

I'm not sure. It seems pretty complex! News reports tend to say he is an American with French citizenship. However, his father was a Polish Jew, his mother a Russian of Jewish and Polish extraction, and he himself was was born in France.

Article about the rape case, etc:

Re: Polanski - above the law?

Polanski has Polish and French citizenship, and both countries have very tight extradition laws (in terms of not extraditing their citizens to other countries).

For the past 30+ years he has avoided countries that are more cooperative with the U.S. in terms of extradition, especially Britain.

It's somewhat unfortunate timing that the government has passed a bill for chemical castration of sex offenders and days later one of Poland's celebrated sons finally gets nabbed for a sex offense that he pleaded guilty to and then skipped out on the sentencing hearing.

Re: Polanski - above the law?

The case is not that complex, but it is drawn out...

At a party at Jack Nicholson's in 1977, Polanski drugged a 13-year-old girl, raped her, and tried to convince her not to tell her parents.

He was initially charged with at least 5 separate crimes but made a plea bargain to plead guilty to one crime. That much is not disputed. Before sentencing he was allowed to travel and complete some work. His defense team thought he would get probation once he returned. The prosecutors and judge indicated he would get a harsher punishment. He ran. And he has been avoiding any country that would extradite him to the U.S., including Britain and Canada among others.

Over the 30+ years there has been no end of speculation about some of the details, but no one has disputed that he drugged her, raped her, pleaded guilty to it, and has been on the run from California prosecutors for 30+ years.

Re: Polanski - above the law?

... or alternatively, her mother wanted her to be a star and delivered her to Nicholson's house for a sexy photo shoot not hoping of course that someone famous would take advantage of her non-virgin daughter ...

Still, what Polanski did was illegal, even if she had been a child prostitute, which is but an idle supposition of course.

Re: Polanski - above the law?

I'd be against anyone (whatever they have done) being extradited to USA because of their draconian punishments. It's system is parallel with many totalitarian regimes. Of course different states have different laws and sentencing and that makes it look even more ridiculous to the rest of the world. It's up there with places like Iran and saudi when it comes to punishing criminals.

Re: Polanski - above the law?

not that chemical castration is not draconian. Whoever approved this law?

Re: Polanski - above the law?

That won't be mandatory and is reversible in time. With certain men it could be a positive development.
Moreover, testosterone is needed for other purposes than merely reproductive organs - for example heart function.

Re: Polanski - above the law?

The Czechs have surgical castration for repeat sex offenders and ....

Poland backs chemical castration

Polish MPs have passed legislation making it obligatory to chemically castrate certain sex offenders.

Under the law anyone found guilty of raping children under 15, or close relatives, will be given drugs to lower their sex drive.

All but three MPs present in the lower house voted for the measures.

They were part of a bill that also increases jail terms for incest and paedophilia, and criminalises any attempt to justify paedophilia.

Anyone propagating such a view is subject to a prison term of up to two years.

The same sentence will be applicable to anyone attempting to seduce a child under 15 years of age over the internet.

The legislation must still pass the senate before taking effect.


Re: Polanski - above the law?

Drugs that temporarily lower sex drive don't sound so medieval. But surgical castration in czech republic does.

Re: Polanski - above the law?

What about making it a spectator sport as well. Thinking outside the box for a moment, you could sell lottery tickets (all proceeds to victims) - with the two winners each getting to wield the knife. For added entertainment it could be done in 2 separate TV shows, one month apart, with Big Brother style shows so we can get an inside view on the guy's reactions.

Or perhaps not.