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Poland’s health care sector suffering?

29.09.2009 09:29
Poland ranks 26th out of 33 in a European-wide healthcare ranking, showing that the country’s health care sector is not in the best condition.

The authors of the report, done by the Brussels-based Health Consumer Powerhouse, took into consideration several criteria, among them patient's rights and access to medical information, waiting lists for regular procedures, results of treatment, offer of medical services as well as access to medications.

Poland received the most points for observing patients' rights, and ranked well for its system of children’s' vaccinations and refunded dentist services. The authors of the report point out that, however, in order to provide Poles with a proper level of medical services the country needs a financing system which will ensure adequate remuneration for its medical personnel.

In this part of the continent, Poland ranked higher than Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria. The countries with the best health care systems in Europe are Holland followed by Denmark, Iceland and Austria. (di/mmj)

I think some hospitals in England are worse!!

Re: Poland’s health care sector suffering?

Ive not been in a hospital in Poland and Im sure their lack of facilities is shocking, but there is a great deal more "self care" there than in the UK. So people are less likely to be queueing up to go to hospital on a regular basis. They still have many herbal remedies widely available too. If you go to a general practioner they are more likely to actually try to work out what's wrong with you before sending you around the system or doling out unnecessary prescriptions. Im sure they look more at the whole body rather than the compartmentalisation in the UK. Youre also more likely to be prescribed vitamins or a sanitorium visit. I am not sure if this is still the case but a few years ago there used to be some concessions on the national insurance contributions if you visited a sanitorium every so often. So on the whole Poles are healthier in mind body and spirit because they look after themselves and they have better communities and social/family networks than many in the UK. I think sanatoriums are a great idea and they should introduce them in the UK. I certainly feel people suffer more in the UK because of the attitude to healthcare and a lack of interest in self care and lifestyle. But its a different culture. Life is harder in Poland in many ways, but I think they make the best of what they have.

Re: Poland’s health care sector suffering?

Unlike the UK, consultants in Poland work very hard and see loads of patients. Outside a consultant's room in England there is a virtually empty corridor and he seldom sees more than 2 people an hour. Private patients pay GBP200 per 15 minute consultation ...
In Poland you can go private; in Warsaw you can go private and get top notch doctors. Hence, comparisons fall by the wayside to a certain extent.