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Michal Kaminski fit to lead the Conservatives in Europe?

Another new story.

Is Michal Kaminski fit to lead the Tories in Europe?

It is three months since the Observer first revealed the outrage British Jews felt at Conservative links to a rightwing Pole, Michal Kaminski. Since then the party has tried to deflect charges of antisemitism against the man who heads the group to which Tory MEPs are affiliated. Now new statements by Kaminski about a massacre of Jews during the war raise more questions for David Cameron's party.

It is a short walk from Jedwabne's town centre to the place where the barn stood – but it is one I will never forget. It was 9 July 2001. We had driven for several hours from Warsaw across the flat plains of north-eastern Poland. It was a hot day and my translator and I were relieved to roll into the small town before nightfall. But as we parked in the central square, part of me began to wish Jedwabne had never existed.

I found myself recreating in my mind's eye the horrors of 60 years before. In 1941, on 10 July, Jedwabne's Jews had been ordered by the town's mayor, Marian Karolak, to assemble in the square. They were told to pull grass from between the cobblestones. They arrived in their hundreds with spoons and scissors. Many were whipped and beaten with clubs and farm tools. Some were ordered to pull down a statue of Lenin which had served as a reminder to Poles of the hated, former Soviet occupiers, with whom they accused their Jewish neighbours of having collaborated. The Jews were ordered to carry the statue up the dusty track to the barn, singing "the war is because of us, the war is for us".

When the procession arrived at the barn, at least 300 Jewish men, women and children were pushed inside. Villagers looked on as others poured in fuel before setting it alight. Screams rang out as they were all burned alive.

The full details of the massacre – hushed up throughout the postwar communist period in Poland – were set out in a book by the Polish-Jewish historian Jan Tomasz Gross in 2000, Neighbours: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland. ...

Read the rest of the story here:


Re: Michal Kaminski fit to lead the Conservatives in Europe?

Sorry - can't be bothered to read the Grauniad. Are these "new" comments or just the old one about whether the Jews as a nation have ever apologised to the Poles as a nation for the crimes committed by Jews?
Perhaps I misquote, but you get the drift. He's not my cup of tea, but you shouldn't fall prey to pressure group hysteria either.

Re: Michal Kaminski fit to lead the Conservatives in Europe?

Varsovian, here in the UK we are eagerly awaiting a unreserved apology from Stephen Fry for blaming Poland for the attrocities at Auschwitz. Here is a snippet from your favourite snoozepaper :


and maybe this is your favourite uk channel :


Re: Michal Kaminski fit to lead the Conservatives in Europe?

I saw that bit of wit from Mr Fry - Remember which side of the German-Polish border Auschwitz was on?