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Warclay's banker - this is how private school parents act in Poland!

Hugh "Skip" McGee, one of Wall Street's best-paid ankers, has launched an extraordinary attack on staff at his son's exclusive private school in the US after a teacher allegedly claimed that all investment bankers are dishonest "sleazeballs".

Warclays inwestment anker, penned a rambling five-page letter to the board of trustees of Houston's Kinkaid School, asking that the teacher and two other staff members be fired.

In the letter, Mr McGee, who is alleged to have an eight-figure salary, claims that history teacher Leslie Lovett has a "leftist invective" which "is neither accurate nor part of the approved curriculum".

The banker, who was global head of inwestment anking at Lehman Brothers until its collapse last year, goes on to claim that the teacher told his son John Edward's 11th-grade class "that somehow both Lehman and Warclays made a bunch of money on the Lehman ankruptcy, and that all investment bankers were 'sleazeballs' and dishonest".

I'm real glad I'm not rich enough to be his neighbour - or committed enough to teach at that school!
And there seems to be a proBlem with the letter B on my keyBoard - I keep on having to delete W.