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Re: AGW Climate change brilliantly debunked by Polish scientist

"Perversely the ecology will suffer. There is a demand for a certain quantity of production of industrial goods to sustain an economy that can feed, medicate and clothe the world’s population. If one cuts industrial output in countries that are currently providing that demand with products made with relatively low ecology detriment output (not zero, but low) then the inherent demand will be met by countries that will produce the products even less ecologically.

Be it at Kyoto or Copenhagen there are a slew of countries that will sign the agreements with absolutely no intention of abiding with the constraints. This while countries that are relatively clean will constrain their production and penalize there industries and populations.

Prices will rise, pollution will rise and the global recession will be prolonged."

Completely agree.

Strange that the media never reports similar viewpoints.

Re: AGW Climate change brilliantly debunked by Polish scientist

Pollution is bad. Everyone agrees that.

It's an established fact that most plants do better at much higher CO2 concentrations than exist at present and at warmer temperatures than exist at present. The Medieval Warm Period was a good period for food production - and we're cooler now than we were 600 years ago.

So what exactly are we trying to achieve here?