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Re: Positive discrimination for Catholic churchgoers in schools?

On standards.

Of course, there are some excellent students in Poland.

However, I personally know of several Poles who often joke at the 'workload' they had in order to finish their magister degree. All have good jobs now despite the fact that they are probably no better educated or equipped for their jobs than someone who doesn't have the infamous 'magister' title from a 'top ten' Polish university.

I am also pretty sure that the same 'pay your fee equals a degree' or 'it's easier for the lecturer to pass rather than fail inferior students' degree courses are available in Warsaw.

When 90% of younger Poles are enrolled on a degree course or have a degree then standards suffer.

A degree from Poland meant something prior to around 1995. Not now.

I should also say that the same dumbing-down of education is not limited to Poland.