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Zakopane - "Polish skiing capital"

Is it worth the effort of getting there?

Apologies to the Telegraph:

"We liked the prices – most items were less than half, or even a third, of what you might pay in the main western European resorts. Unlike colleagues who returned from the Alps last year with horror stories about how expensive everything was, we found Zakopane very affordable, dining out every evening (a range of hearty Polish, Italian and Swiss fondue-style restaurants) and never batting an eyelid at bills of £10–£15 a head for three courses (smoked sheep's cheese, 12-inch Polish sausages and gherkins, pancakes with chocolate sauce) and copious quantities of wine. A beer (or bison vodka) at one of the town's many buzzing bars? That'll be £1.25. A two-mile taxi ride? About £2.

Our accommodation in the modest Chalet Gong was simple but perfectly clean and comfortable (and by the end of three days we even managed to get a smile out of the proprietor, Stanislaw).

When we wanted a bit more comfort, we retreated to the Belvedere Hotel, a favoured haunt of Poland's former president Aleksander Kwasniewski and a place where you get a sense of Zakopane's traditional role as the winter meeting point for Poland's artistic and intellectual elite. Here we enjoyed the pool, spa, and the hotel's very own tenpin bowling alley.

Would I recommend Zakopane to friends? For very serious skiers wanting to stretch themselves to the limit over a week, definitely not. For beginners wanting to try out skiing without feeling intimidated or not chic enough, definitely yes. For intermediates on a short break who enjoy the thrill of the slopes – and fresh cultural stimuli – why not? For anyone looking for an excellent value winter holiday – absolutely!"

Me, personally ... well, I wouldn't go there unless you either live in Poland or want to have a trip to Poland. I wouldn't choose it in preference to resorts in Alpine countries. I always go to Fieberbrunn, Austria.

Re: Zakopane - "Polish skiing capital"

If you have little or no money to spare and aren't too far away, Poland is OK for skiing. Although if I were in that position and keen on skiing I would chose the Czech republic every time.

Re: Zakopane - "Polish skiing capital"

I disagree.
Poland is overpriced for its abysmal standards of skiing. The only reason you'd go there is either by accident or because you lived there and were short of time.

Re: Zakopane - "Polish skiing capital"

OK! .

I bow to your better judgement on skiing matters. I admit that I was only there once and don't like skiing. There was snow and people seemed to be enjoying themselves.