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Poland and Polish Discussion Group and Forum
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Corporate bankruptcies rise in Poland by 36%

The crisis may still hit Poland - you can sense the general feeling of unease.

Re: Corporate bankruptcies rise in Poland by 36%

Hmmm, thanks for the bad news, how do you feel the unease, is there something you know that we don't, latest news is that the economy is growing by just under 2%

Re: Corporate bankruptcies rise in Poland by 36%

Varsovian - where are you getting this? I am simply curious, would like to see the source.

Many Polish firms file "bankruptcies" because of ridiculous tax law and re-open next week.

I spent most of December in Poland and didn't see any "doom and gloom"...on the contrary...just my humble opinion.

Re: Corporate bankruptcies rise in Poland by 36%

David it depends where you are, obviously there is no doom and gloom when you staying at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw but go out a bit and its a bit different. Polish companies do file for bankruptcy and re open the next day using a different name, highlights how dishonest the system is, I guess you support his practice.(thats why business people have it so good in Poland, they have ways of avoiding paying taxes)

Re: Corporate bankruptcies rise in Poland by 36%

Part of the work I am involved in deals with corporate bankruptcies.

Mind you, this is nothing compared to what is happening in the US and UK commercial real estate sectors - total meltdown is in progress.

Re: Corporate bankruptcies rise in Poland by 36%

This may prove a point or two!

Polish companies fake bankruptcy

08.03.2010 07:15

Out of 700 companies declared bankrupt last year over 600 might have been fraudulent.

It is estimated that in 2010 about 1,500 companies will go bankrupt. “Most of these bankruptcies will be staged and companies, which could be rescued, will be closed down,” says Elzbieta Maczynska from the Warsaw School of Economics.

Company owners prefer to declare bankruptcy in order not to pay back debts, or in order to pay just a part of their liabilities. There were also dishonest entrepreneurs who close down companies to seize money of their clients and contractors. (mg)

Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna