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A very sad day for Poland


Re: A very sad day for Poland

I know that the President and his political party, several members of which were on the same plane, weren't liked by some, but, certainly a shocking blow to Polish politics and the many families involved.

Re: A very sad day for Poland

The truth of the matter is that the Polish people have lost the best people, what the future lies is up to God, because that is what we believe in.

Re: A very sad day for Poland

There were so many talented people on that plane. Such a loss to Poland & to their families. It's a personal tragedy too for many people I know and members of my family because we knew some of those on board quite well. My friend was with me watching Polish tv last night after a memorial service at our church, she was very shocked because she saw a photo of someone who she had known very well flashed up. She hadn't realised he had been killed. For it to happen so near Katyn too.

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