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Poland and Polish Discussion Group and Forum
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My! Isn't it quiet here?

I suppose many went the same way that I did - kind of got caught up in other stuff and let the forum drift out of their lives.

What brought me back? Well, I got talking to a fellow English West Ham fan at Champions Sports Bar in Central Warsaw and later wondered what chances there were that this stranger could be Varsovian. He wandered off to another bar where the game was being shown for certain and we never spoke again, but it did get me thinking.

So here I am, back again after a tumultuous few weeks for our adopted home country and reaching out to the old guard. How are you all? I hope you are prospering nicely and enjoying life and that various sundry Icelandic Acts of God are not putting too big a crimp in your lifestyle.

Leave a message, say hello and maybe we can breath a bit of life back into this old girl yet!

Much love


Re: My! Isn't it quiet here?

There has not been that much news to discuss about Poland, and since I spend less time in Poland now there is less to complain about everyday life!

I now spend a lot of my time at my place in Dorset in the west of England.

We will be back in Poland in the summer.

Re: My! Isn't it quiet here?

We now reside in green and pleasant south-west England. Ten years of PL was enough. At least for now. Kept a place and some land on there though.

Like Hansy we'll return to PL sometime over the summer. Probably for two or three weeks. Maybe a bit longer. Plan to drive across and bring back some of my books, a canoe(!), and restock our larder with various hard-to-find Polish foods. Oh, and, of course, visit my in-laws ...

Should be a fun trip with two under the age of three!

Good to hear that you're still alive and kicking :-)

What are you up to now? Still doing the trolley thing?

Re: My! Isn't it quiet here?

Poland isn't in the news as much as it was when hundreds of thousands of Poles first arrived in England three or four years back. I still visit to read news as my daughter in law is Polish and grandchild half Polish. The UK election has immigration as a big issue this time.

Re: My! Isn't it quiet here?

I think the parties are using immigration as a smokescreen to divert attention from their lack of decent policies in important areas. I don't see anything inspiring in the manifestos.