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Punchkies (sp)


I would like some info to settle a freindly argument between my wife and I. We both enjoy the pastry punchkies, but have a difference of opinion on pronunciation.

She is from Texas with Polish roots and pronoucnes them like Punch keys.

I am from Ohio where we pronounce them Poonch keys.

Anyone willing to help me on this? Also, a correct spelling would be appreciated.

Re: Punchkies (sp)

correct spelling is
singular: pączek
plural: pączeki

itys hard to explain how the letter ą is pronuiced but
punch-key would be closer to the correct punctuation than poonch key

Re: Punchkies (sp)

What are Punchkies?

Re: Punchkies (sp)

oh my....those are so hard to find if you are not in an area with Polish neighborhoods...People look at me like I am nuts ...lol


I'd say the pronunciation is more like Ponchkies for an English speaker - they are Polish donuts / doughnuts.

Re: Punchkies (sp)



The sound ą is pronounced like om, except that the lips or tongue are not completely closed to pronounce the m, leaving a nasal resonance instead.