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Poland and Polish Discussion Group and Forum
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The must read topic!!!!

I'm in need of dire help..... well not dire but I am rather exasperated. I have been in Poland for a couple of months and all that I've gathered from my stay here is Super Dupa, Kurwa, and Dwadziescia Maly Bilky (talk about Survival Phrases ehh).

I have recently conspired to work harder at learning the very appealing yet incredibly diffucult Slavic language that is Polish. My father who is a native Pole, is ecstatic with my new found determination to learn Polish, and has claimed that if I were to learn from Elementarz written by M. Falski (which if you are a Pole you would recognize it as the book used by young children in school) I would be able to speak profficiently by the time I've completed it.

The problem is that Polish could very well be the hardest language known to man (although I hear Chinnese is quite difficult) and I feel compelled to learn it, not only because it is a very beautiful language, but also because of a sense of duty I feel to my father and his culture and seeing as I have already learned Spannish, which is the language of my mother, it is only right that I put in some effort. I really don't understand the the structure of Polish sentences and how nouns and verbs change (ie. Komin- Kominem-Komina-Komino, Klej-Klejem-Klei etc.) because they seem to have no rule, or is my stupidity showing.

Any site you have that might be useful for begginers would be great. Any advice that might help me in any way, shape, or form, or even directions to a store which sells Subliminal Tapes in Wroclaw so I could learn polish instantly(a man can dream cant he). Please I'm desperate for help. Take pity on me...A website, that's all I'm askin!!

Thanks in Advance,
Mr. Erasmus

PS. Sorry if my Topic Title led to wrong conclusions. I needed to catch peoples interest, somehow I didn't think Please Help would have been enough. Please just take a moment to answer my request.

Re: Polish

This site has a selection of stuff for someone interested in learning Polish:

You're right, Polish is a difficult language. Even for the Polish!

Re: The must read topic!!!!

Thanks for the response,

I really found it helpfull. I downloaded the Polish Grammer in A Nutshell for Adobe Acrobat from that site and it looks good. I'll let you know how it goes or if I need help.

Thanks Again,