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wondering what part of poland last name is from

hi! I was wondering if anyone knows where the polish last name olenijak (not sure how to spell the original) came from. I think it was my great grandparents who changed it to Olenski when they came to america. does anyone know what part of poland that could be from

Re: surname

Surnames in Poland aren't usually regionally based. People have often moved because of changing borders etc.

Re: wondering what part of poland last name is from

I can't help You finding that part of Poland, because such last name appears in many places, but I can only say, that maybe You should look for "Olejniczak", not "Olenijak" . Best regards. Kuba

Re: wondering what part of poland last name is from

thanks...yeah that probably is how you spell it. I just know how to say it. My grandma is trying to trace our geneology but she's sort of at a stand still right now. Is this a common last name in Poland?

Re: wondering what part of poland last name is from

Well, it is a quite popular last name in Poland. Check at http://www.herby.com.pl/herby/indexslo.html ; there were over 17 000 people with last name "Olejniczak" in Poland in 1990.

Re: wondering what part of poland last name is from

17327 Olejniczak living in Poland based on 1990 data!!

Two letter abbreviations refer to the province that number of folks lived in, by your name, Search again and you'll find 8 Olinski people from 1990 also.

Nazwisko Ogólna liczba Rozmieszczenie
Olejniczak 17327 Wa:587, BP:19, Bs:45, BB:68, By:819, Ch:15, Ci:20, Cz:201, El:88, Gd:374, Go:400, JG:171, Kl:950, Ka:603, Ki:45, Kn:1096, Ko:256, Kr:69, Ks:8, Lg:222, Ls:1092, Lu:40, Ło:21, Łd:1716, NS:3, Ol:114, Op:91, Os:17, Pl:580, Pt:117, Pł:895, Po:3315, Pr:5, Ra:8, Rz:13, Sd:47, Sr:385, Sk:196, Sł:130, Su:60, Sz:540, Tb:27, Ta:19, To:140, Wb:163, Wł:410, Wr:439, Za:18, ZG:670
Olejniczak vel Olejnik 1 Wł:1
Olejniczakowski 25 Wa:13, Wb:2, Wr:10