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English to Polish Translation

I am studying Polish and trying to write a letter. Can someone please help me with this sentence:
'Thank you Roman for being our chauffer and for keeping us all amused.' My attempt is:
'Roman, dziękujemy za bycie nasz piecyk i za utrzymywanie nas wszystkich rozbawionych.'

Re: English to Polish Translation

"Roman, dziękujemy za bycie nasz piecyk i za utrzymywanie nas wszystkich rozbawionych."

Hi. I think that sentence is easy to understand and will make a smile on face person who is to read it :)

But if You want in in pure polish it may look like this one in a free translation:

Romanie [or "Romku"- that's private] , dziękujemy Ci za to, że tak nas cudownie rozgrzewałeś i za To, że potrafiłeś przez cały ten czas nas z powodzeniem rozbawiać.

I don't know how formal is Your letter, so please, don't think a lot about it if it makes some trouble :)

Regards. Kuba

Re: English to Polish Translation

PS. Henceforth:
"dziękujemy za bycie nasz[ym] piecyk[iem]" :-)
Best regards. Kuba

Re: English to Polish Translation

Thanks for your help. I can see why it might make the person reading it smile. My Polish-English dictionary translates 'piecyk' as 'heater, stove,cockle, cooking oven, gas fire, chaufer, chauffer, gas water-heater'.
The word I meant to use is 'chauffeur' (szofer).
Chaufer or Chauffer is not listed in English dictionaries but can sometimes be used as an alternative spelling for the correct word Chauffeur. I do not understand the link between chaufer and stove, heater etc.
Anyway I am curious how that will alter your pure Polish translation of my sentence. In my letter I am trying to thank a distant relative who kindly drove us all around on a recent visit to Lviv.
One final thing, is it incorrect to use the nominative case 'Roman' as an alternative to the vocative 'Romanie'?

Thanks again, Mal