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Workers from Poland Wanted

We require the following skilled workers with own tools to work in Leicester, England, for up to 6 months, work to start August 06.
1 x Plumber
1 x Carpenter/Joiner
2 x Bricklayers
1 x Electrician
Please contact me if you might be interested in the work.

Re: Workers from Poland Wanted

Why do you think employers in England want Polish workers? Is it because they can pay them less than an English worker for the same work?

Re: Workers from Poland Wanted

David email does not work, mail me :

Re workers

Re: Workers from Poland Wanted

need any welders?

Re: Workers from Poland Wanted

If he needs welders he will not find many in Poland. He may be more likely to find Polish welders in Ireland or in the UK rather than in Poland. I've read in a newspaper that some Polish work agencies started to look for Polish craftsmen (welders, bricklayers etc) in Ireland. It's rather amazing. And will some of the craftsmen be back home? By much lower cost of living in Poland and the same high salary they may actually earn more than in Ireland.

Re: Workers from Poland Wanted

He's probably building a house. Strange that so many Polish people have gone to work in Ireland and England. Is English so widely spoken in Poland? I thought only educated Poles spoke English. But welders, laborers, electricians ...

Re: Workers from Poland Wanted

Well he is not that much bothered. He has not replied to postings.

Re: Workers from Poland Wanted

Hi there,

We are an Anglo/Dutch trading and consultancy company based in Poland and we can help you with workers from Poland.
We are currently sending Polish workers to Germany as well.
We would like to receive some more information about payment, insurances, accomodation, transpor etc.
Please contact us by e-mail on fisgroup@poczta.onet.pl or by phone: 0048 71 385 4040 and ask for Ivo Repin.

Re: Workers from Poland Wanted

I am renovating an old cottage in the West of Ireland. I am looking for fully qualified polish builders to do the work.

Workers from Poland Wanted

I am looking to employ Polish building trades people for work in Central London with immediate start, we are a large high quality fit-out company and I need to enlarge our work force.

40 Marsh Wall, Canary Wharf, London E14 9TP
Tel: +44 (020) 7093 4660 Fax: +44 (020) 7093 4661