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Re: Moving to Poland

P.S - bald men are very attractive !

Re: Moving to Poland

Gary, are you also planning a restaurant now?

Re: Moving to Poland

Thanks for the replies guys.

Yes, I will be learning Polish. I can speak a tiny bit now. If I listen to a conversation, I can often get a very basic understanding of what is being said even if I can't join in. I always thought I had "tourist level" French, and my Polish is probably slightly better than that. Not much, but it is a start, and I am determined to learn damn it!

As for the negative bits about Poland, well, same can be said anywhere. I know Poland has problems with unemployment, vandalism, crime in certain areas, bureaucracy, and a certain apathy and feeling of helplessness in someways, but I have been spending about two or three weeks a year in Poland for the past five or so years. Not much, but I understand some of the difficulties of living there, and I certainly don't expect to make myself rich by doing so. Hey, 80p hour is not so bad and I have no intention of moving to Spain (parts of it seem to turning into "Little England in the Sun"), or France. For all the benefits of moving to either of those countries, I may as well stay in the UK since I couldn't afford to live comfortably in either of those countries without working, and certainly couldn't afford an equivalent to our house near the mountains.

If I did open a B&B there (my wife is Polish), I could actually live without any Polish income as long as I have my house rented. I will have no mortgages so my outgoings are small, and our family are fairly frugal anyway. So anything generated from the B&B is literally "play money".

Sure, I will miss the UK and realise that it will not be a picnic by any stretch of the imagination, but hey, money isn't everything. I will just need to trade my bike in for a retro bike before I go over I think

Anyway, I am still about three or four years away from that decision at the moment, so a lot can change, and I am still getting my plans put together..


Re: Moving to Poland


We will start with the Guesthouse and assess the situation. There are extensive renovations of the local Castle and other "attractions" happening soon and this will bring tourists. Will advertise in the UK as will be able to charge more this way. We won't have to make a lot of money as we are in the same position as UKer and could live on what we have even if we didn't make much in Poland.