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Re: Teaching english - salaries?

*passes Simon a packet of Lockets for his nasty cough*

Tim turned up at my company about 6 months after I did. Failed his probation period.
Never heard of again.
Not missed in the slightest.

What about some of the others, still see any of them about? the Poles, I mean...

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

"Re: Teaching english - salaries?

College of teachers is recognised in Poland. I emailed 20 polish lang schools and they all recognise and accept it.

It is a UK accred body. I suggest you phone the british council.

Cowboy courses like TEFL international.
Email: paulmanser18@aol.com

Location: United Kingdom, England"

Paul, I will give you 500quid cash if you can find any teacher at the British Council in Warsaw who has as their sole qualification a 'college of teachers' correspondence course.

A good friend of mine did their course, including the'diploma' and was told quite firmly that it wasn't a 'proper' diploma.

Believe me, the people who have responded to your posts aren't doing so just to argue. Listen and you might learn something useful.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

British council are different. They MUST have a CELTA/TRINITY to work AT the British council. Like it states on their website.

Not so for polish schools...........

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

British council is THE best. Like Oxford university in the league table.

Then Intenational house, then private lang schools.

Even if International house say they want a CELTA they still would accept you with another 4 week cert as long as you show what you learnt, and what the course covered.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

What diploma was that, DELTA or some other 4 week course and accred by whom? What job was he applying for?

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

"Re: Teaching english - salaries?

British council is THE best. Like Oxford university in the league table.

Then Intenational house, then private lang schools.

Even if International house say they want a CELTA they still would accept you with another 4 week cert as long as you show what you learnt, and what the course covered. "

IteRnational House is a (very loose) franchise. They are only as good as the franchisees, some of whom are frankly cr4p. It should be said that about half the IH schools in Poland are going bust right now and worldwide, IH are in big trouble. The British Council IS good however. Though it should be said that the best private language schools are usually a bit better since the BC is rather rigid and inflexible in their course strategies.

I often wonder why the UK government, via the BC, compete with their own nationals by running a language school.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

"Re: Tim"

Really!?! I heard two years back that he'd started at 2 LO, and finished after a week! Saw him (I think?), in the centre, out of the corner of my eye again this week. I guess he must still be bonking the one (forgotten her name!) with the tiny blue Fiat ...

I haven't seen anyone else. Except for T, K and son driving around in the same old little and large Toyotas. Did hear that things aren't too good income-wise for them. I guess there's a lot of more competition now.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

Tim left the 2 LO to come here

Pissed off many in the process.

English Proverbs 101

He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword;


What goes around, comes around.

On the subject of IH - I believe they only employ teachers with IH qualifications. At least that always used to be their policy.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

How many priv lang schools are in Poland altogether

Any rough idea, approx?

Re: Teaching english - salaries?


Did his surname have an Irish ring to it?

"International House"

I heard the same. Jobs tied in with their tefl courses.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?


More of a full-scale pealing than a simple ring

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

In the tricity about 80. Only one I know if is full, no free places

I would say thousands new ones open and close everyday.

British council are not, 100% not the best of the lot.

I have no idea where anyone got that idea

Any school is only as good as the person teaching.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

So he's back in town trawling all the language schools for work! Strange time of year to be looking. Even weirderstill that he hasn't given up on the whole tefl thing by now.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

I really think there has to be something wrong with someone who doesn't understand a message THAT blatant...

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

Who is this Tim guy?

Re: Teaching english - salaries?


Re: Teaching english - salaries?


Mark and Simon are talking about someone they both know who is involved in tefl. Nothing to do with the rest of the thread .

Re: Teaching english - salaries?


"Bonking" = screwing, shagging, fu*king

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

I believe it's also still called "Having Sex"

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

Or as in: Bonking mad, bonkers.

Tut tut tut, one track minds.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

that might be due to the excess of sexual swearwords in my post

Simon - I beielve the phrase that suits Tim (and Paul (dig dig)) is: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.'

Present company (apart from the aforementioned) excepted, of course.

Tim worked for a company in Berlin for some time I think. He's totally unreliable and never lasts long anywhere. Hence trawling the schools. He has much the same philosophy that dajwid described - he must be able to teach because he's a native...

Re: Teaching english - salaries?



You don't know me Mark so........

The only thing your digging is the grave for yourself if that is the way you approach ppl.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

listen fuckflaps

My mistakes are typographical errors, caused by sitting in an armchair with a keyboard on my lap, as anyone with half a brain would be able to see.

Your mistakes are due to a Comprehensive education in some rat infested, tower block ridden inner-city are, the lack of a proper upbringing, an alcoholic sot of a mother, numerous 'uncles' many of whom bought you presents in exchange for your silence about what went on in your bedroom while mummy was passed out in a drunken stupour in front of the supermarket brought home cinema system with an overfull ashtray spilling into her overtight shellsuit clad lap.

See the difference?

Happy to help.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

'your' should be 'you're' by the way. We do not use possessive pronouns when forming the present progressive tense.

Even in cyberspace.

Happy to help, Gonzo.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

Sounds like a pikey council estate.

Is that what you think my life style is?

My brother is in the Royal Marines and I have a sister who is at Royal holloway university studying a 4 year degree in science communication. I say I have a successful family.

I know your spelling is fine. I was pulling your chain, Pulling your leg. You let ppl get under your skin so easily pal.

Take a break.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

Brockhill Park school, I believe that is the school your after. Yeh what a dump that place was. Although I passed none the less and got into university. So now your saying everyone that goes to a comprehensive school is doomed?

You sound like a snotty kid who had daddy pay for your private education.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

lol Yeh, did you know that 75% of students each year at that school fail to get 5 C at GCSE.

Only 25% of those students pass with 5 GCSE at grade C and above.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?


You can argue on the internet if you wish but I'd rather watch Only fools and horses.

ta ta.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

Good idea watch Del Boy, he will teach you how to really talk english good. Good job he ain't gonna teach.

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

Can't get more cockney that Del-Boy

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

Why would someone from England or US want to come to Poland for teaching English?

Re: Teaching english - salaries?

For what it's worth - my top income in a good month was around 14 000 zl, working my freelance buns off 16 hours a day with Warsaw execs.
I've sort of changed direction now - proofreading. God work if you can get it.
Will go back to teaching part time when I 'retire' at 55 to tend the garden.
Being an experienced language teacher in the UK, really listening to your students, learning about their business, and being willing to go the extra mile at all times - never ratty, always cheerful - these are things that'll get you far.