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Re: Poland Poland Poland Poland

Thanks to the russians, the Poles did afterall gain their independence from Nazism

On top of that, The Palace of Culture and Science, Poland's greatest showpiece, was built because of Russia, a gift from the Soviet Union

Re: Poland Poland Poland Poland

"The Russian period wasn't all bad. In many ways were the Russians weren't so different to the European Union."

Someone needs to read a few decent history books or speak to survivors of siberian labour camps.

Re: Poland Poland Poland Poland

“Thanks to the russians, the Poles did afterall gain their independence from Nazism”

Thanks to the Soviets and the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact the war started and over six million Poles died. There is ample testimony that the war would not have commenced but for Soviet complicity.

The Palace of Culture should be razed just as the old Tsarist gift of an Orthodox Church was razed in the 1920’s as a symbol of oppression and occupation.

Re: Poland Poland Poland Poland

In many ways polish people were spiritually more freer
in communist times than what they are now...(not saying we go back to communist times) also every person was guaranteed a couple of meals a day, now you have to fight for it!

Re: Poland Poland Poland Poland

Offbeat do you mean the last ten or so years of communist times or prior to that?

There were very dark times for people in Poland after WWII until stalin died in 53. There was not much spiritual freedom or any type of freedom. Wasn't freedom to worship and culture forcefully repressed at that time?

In the 80s (what I have heard described as the "golden age" of communism in Poland) people appeared to be not too badly off materially but (based on what I have read) the country was becomming more and more bankrupt. The age of everyone going to work and many of them sitting in offices doing absolutely nothing. (some seem to think all they have to do now is turn up and this is probably where that attitude originates).

Even when I visited in 1980 there was an atmosphere of fear. However, this was the period of John Paul II and a spiritual revival among people. Maybe this is what you refer to.

Re: Poland Poland Poland Poland

Another Ania, I'm not a supporter of Communism, just a fair go to all polish people,
My first visit to Poland was in the early 80's, didn't like a lot of things, some positive things were,
The faith and determination of the Polish people.
Hospitality of the polish people.
Low crime levels
No graffiti
Most poles were able to make ends meet
Full employment (I know it was government funded)
I didn't see people arrested on mass for looking sideways at a policeman etc.

Re: Poland Poland Poland Poland

I have to agree with offbeat here.

Poland today --- huge numbers of people without money, graffiti, dirty streets, crime, etc

Re: Poland Poland Poland Poland

Offbeat I agree about Communist Poland in the 80s. There was energy and enthusiasm among Poles then. However, everyone had one enthusiastic interest in common - their hatred of communism and the Soviet oppressors.

There was also an incredibly strong spiritual union with the catholic church (per my previous comment - courtesy of JPII). I was overwhelmed by the religious fervour - not something I had seen in UK Polish churches which were full of overpowdered, overperfumed ladies showing off their latest mink coats and discussing how much better their child was doing at school and warbling like edith piaf on helium during hymns.

From what my mother says, there were very bleak times before she left Poland in the mid sixties. However, people had more enjoyment from small things because they weren't striving to attain a capitalist dream (mainly because they weren't allowed to). The "greed is good" mentality has maybe taken over now.