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UK: Polish girls 'too pretty'


Pretty Polish girls have become targets of jealousy and bullying by
British schoolgirls, while British schoolboys keen to win a Polish
girlfriend have picked fist-fights with their Polish rivals, Poland's
Zycie Warszawy daily reported on Friday.

Most of the Polish teens arrived in Great Britain as part of the
massive wave of migrants following Poland's 2004 entry into the
European Union.

Tall, thin and a blue-eyed blonde, Magda Kwiatkowska turned the heads
of local boys as soon as she showed up at a high school in London's
Acton district.

"It began two years ago with English girls making ironic comments,
finger pointing and pushing her around," Kwiatkowska's mother told
Zycie Warszawy.

As the threats became more severe, Madga developed anaemia,
depression, ulcers and Crone's Disease - an illness of the digestive

"My daughter was terrorised by other girls who the boys no longer
paid attention to," says Kwiatkowska's father. "She begged me to pick
her up on time after school and was afraid to walk around town alone."

At first he found it hard to believe his daughter's good looks were
at the root of her woes. But even after she transferred to another
school, Magda was bullied again by British schoolgirls jealous of her
good looks and the attention she received from boys.

Eventually the mean-spirited attacks forced Magda's return to Poland,
where she is attending school and seeing a therapist to overcome the
trauma of bullying.

Zycie Warszawy also reports that fights over Polish girls have broken
out between gangs of British and Polish teenage boys in Lincoln, near

Re: UK: Polish girls 'too pretty'

I loved the subliminal mistake - Crone's disease (instead of Crohn's).

Yes, I know, I should get out more!

Re: UK: Polish girls 'too pretty'

South Africa's premier news source?

gosh ...

Re: UK: Polish girls 'too pretty'

"Lincoln, near Nottingham"

How informative.
Time to dig out the maps, methinks.

Re: UK: Polish girls 'too pretty'

There are plenty of ugly or plain Polish girls. I have no idea where this particular UK media stereotype comes from.

Re: UK: Polish girls 'too pretty'

I have to say the most beautiful girls I have ever seen are in Denmark.

Re: UK: Polish girls 'too pretty'

I think all populations have a mix of hot and not so hot women. Poland is no different. It should be noted though that older Polish women often let themselves go completely.

Re: UK: Polish girls 'too pretty'

I think all kids are cute, regardless of ethnicity.

I also don't believe that Polish girls are more popular than any others. It may be that this was based on just one school or one or two incidents. Some Polish women are very attractive, but then you get very attractive people in every race.

I do know though that for some reason men of many nationalities rave about Polish women, despite the fact that to me they don't seem to look that different from any other women.

Re: UK: Polish girls 'too pretty'

I think that many men like Polish women because of their traditional homemaking skills. Looks are not very important in chosing a life partner.

Re: UK: Polish girls 'too pretty'

Yeah, but you don't necessarily start out that serious do you.