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Re: Problems with foreign surnames in Poland

Worst is when your own mother and father can't say their grandchildren's surname after several years .

I've given up correcting them.

Re: Problems with foreign surnames in Poland

me too
i still can't manage it correctly myself, though ... I fear my sz's are still si's ... or something similarly inadequate

Re: Problems with foreign surnames in Poland

My firat name has a Polish equivalent, with one letter missing. In 7 years, the only person ever to get it right is a retired senior army officer who has travelled a lot.

My surname can be either British or German, and isn't unknown in Poland (a fairly recent ex-premier of Poland has the same name), except it isn't pronounced the same. No Pole has ever pronounced it right, even my ex.

I know some Poles and people of Polish heritage sometimes change the spelling to ensure Brits/Yanks etc get it right, i.e. Kovalsky, Dombrovsky etc, but it's hard ton say which is the lesser of two evils.

Re: Problems with foreign surnames in Poland

My Polish surname is difficult for the majority of Poles who read it. It consists of only three letters. Two out of three provoke a mistake because most of people have already forgotten Polish fonetic rule si=ś and ci=ć.
Tylko lepsi piją pepsi

Re: Problems with foreign surnames in Poland

"Tylko lepsi piją pepsi"

You have to take care with spoonerisms here!