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Welcome to the NEW Message Board! Post your thoughts about JOSH & DAYS! Let's have some fun! NOTE! I am so happy that everyone enjoys this board! That is why we have it! I have set it up so that anyone may post without having to log in or join some club, but if we have problems, we may have to resort to that! Just email me for a password in order to post.  No Bashers Please!  Please be advised that we do not allow profanity (as some of you may know), and we want to try to keep the board clean & fun!

Let's all try to get along and not risk losing the privilege of posting !

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Re: Re: Calliope Jones Bradford is BACK!!!!!!

Yes it is a rumor but remember how long we had to wait to get Carrie and Austin back into the picture and now with Roman with no one who else fits him but Ms Hunley plus they never really had an on screen storyline it was all before Roman came to Salem.

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