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Austin City Code: Report from Walt Esquivel


Walt Esquivel did a good job in responding to request to investigate availability of Austin City Code.
The following e-mail is being included in forum for all members to pursue. E-mail address of Walt was removed to avoid spam harvesters.

From: Walt Esquivel
To: David Nuhn; Sammy Amsler; Jessica Currie; AJ Walker; Dale Sellers
cc:: Greta Sellers
subject: FW: Austin City Code & helpful resources, phone numbers, web sites, etc.

Dear board members,

As most of you know, I was asked by the NPENA at the annual meeting and picnic this past Saturday to find online City of Austin resources with regard to city codes and ordinances as well as to find out what a copy of the City of Austin Code costs. (By the way, thanks to Greta & Dale for hosting!)

I called the City of Austin Clerk’s office at 974-2210 and spoke with Candy Parham Hinkle. She was very helpful and her contact info and reply to my request for pricing of the City of Austin Code is in her email below. The four (4) volumes when stacked are, in total, about a foot high and very expensive at about $400 total. Every council meeting could potentially change part of the code although quarterly supplements are available for an additional $100 per quarter. I recommend the board NOT pursue buying the Code volumes and instead go online to the Code at Note that it states, “This site is current through March 2005.” Updates and changes to the Code are posted online quarterly. Best of all, they’re free!

FYI, I found another web site that might be of use to the board. This link,, is a very helpful resource and has all kinds of links! Go about halfway down and you should see:

2001 Neighborhood Resource Guide. From the City of Austin Neighborhood Planning and Zoning Department, contains information on organizing your neighborhood, dealing with traffic and transportation issues, neighborhood safety, environmental and appearance issues, and neighborhood planning and zoning. Updated March 2002.

Also in the same area as above, there are many helpful phone numbers where it says, “For a list of helpful local phone numbers…(Excerpted from the 2001 Neighborhood Resource Guide).” (I think Larie would love this list of phone numbers!) Clicking on the link to the “helpful local phone numbers” should open up a PDF file so you’ll need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer (

If you scroll down a bit further, you’ll come across the link I found (and which Candy also provided) to “Austin, Texas Code of Ordinances”,

Other great resources for contacts (phone numbers, emails, web sites) are and This last one is an A-Z City of Austin directory and VERY helpful.

I hope that satisfies what the board asked of me and that my “committee assignment” is complete. J Sammy, if you find the info helpful, please post it at the NPENA web site. Thank you!



Neighborhood Concerns? Austin City Code and 2001 Neighborhood Resource Guide. web site

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