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Log Homes NetZine? Discussion Board
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Smith Mansion - Wapiti Valley, Wyoming-The Crazy Log Home

My father Francis Lee Smith was the creator/builder of the Smith Mansion, located in Wapiti Valley WY. It is a must see. It has become a huge tourist attraction during the summer months and has been for years. People traveling to and from the East Gate of Yellowstone stumble upon it and are so curious about the crazy house. I am Smith's daughter, last surviving owner.

I have started a web page to give info on the mansion and also to let the public know that it is private property. The vandalism is a huge problem. Hopefully, in time I can do something with it. Who knows? My only concern is the preservation of the house and also to answer the publics questions about it. Many people and news articles have been written about the house. It is a very unique log home.