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Choosing the right housing development

These days, housing developers know homeowners are careful discerners of quality and value. Thus, modern housing and condo developments are gone over with a fine-toothed comb to make sure they are as saleable as possible. As a potential homeowner, you will be looking for good location (Is it near schools? Grocery stores? Entertainment?), site orientation (Does the sun shine directly into your bedroom in the morning?), size (Is it big enough for your growing family?), potential resale (This applies if this is your “starter” home or if you anticipate needing to move for your career at some point.), and cost.

Consider color palettes

Developers know that these issues are what people are concerned about, so they’ll have those bases covered. However, there is another issue you might not anticipate when you begin your home search: interior design. If you’re buying a house or condo built by a housing development, you should know that different developers will have different design ideas and styles. According to Marilyn Wilson, an interior design expert, “Builders are always thinking forward in the rapid-paced environment of condo [and home] development, so predicting potential color and texture trends . . . can help differentiate a builder’s offerings from those of the competition.

Look for textures and patterns

For instance, when you tour a model home for a subdivision, look at its fixtures, the colors of the walls, the cabinetry, and the window treatments. What you see in the model home will likely be representative of what you will find in the rest of the homes, so if you don’t like the first one or two you look at, you’ll want to move on to another subdivision. In some places, you can choose what the final look of your home or condo will be from a few chosen color and texture palettes.

Get your money’s worth

Wilson explained, “Model suites will give you your first taste of a condo’s palette offerings. On show are a spectrum of colors, textures, and design features that can be selected at no extra cost. The more you relate to the basic palettes offered, the more you get your money’s worth.”

Remember that the décor you choose will be what you’ll live with for a long time. If you’re not a huge fan of it in the palette book, you really won’t like it when you have to see it every day.

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