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Log Homes NetZine? Discussion Board
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"Hollow column" attached with lag bolts to wall. What is it?

I recently putchased a log home (built from a kit, evidently) that is about 12 years old. In a few places there are what look like columns that are attached to the exterior log walls with lag bolts. They're essentially two 2 x 6s with a 2 x 4 sandwiched in between and are hollow. Specifically, they're located at the ends of certain beams.

Normally I'd assume they're holding up the beams (and I'm sure that must be at least a part of their function), but why wouldn't they just have used 2 x 4s nailed to the wall to support the beam as opposed to a hollow column attached with lag bolts? Is this column somehow meant to keep the wall from buckling outward?

Thanks for any insight!