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Log Homes NetZine? Discussion Board

Log Homes NetZine? Discussion Board
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How do we get started?

My husband and I are in the process of purchasing some land in Vermont and we want to build a log home. We're just getting started with research and I have a few questions:

1. Are kits the way to go? I've been reading some negative reports about them.
2. What kind of wood is best?
3. How do you find the best company, architect, builder, etc.
4. How long should it take?
5. Is it more expensive than building a regular home? How much should we expect to pay?
6. Any words of warning or things we should look out for?

Thanks a lot.


Re: How do we get started?

contact me about this. I will help you with what you need. thanks Mike.

Re: How do we get started?

Visit for a discussion on this subject.

Sandy Helms

Re: How do we get started?

Hi, please email me at and I can send you a great starter. Eric

Re: How do we get started?

Here is a sample of a log home budget from mid-way through a recent project. You can see we also track a comparison to budget vs. actual so you stay in control of your cost:

Re: How do we get started?

It really starts with what style log home you are looking for. Hand crafted log homes are the best choice if you are looking for a traditional and authentic log home.

Kits can be a nightmare because of the variation in what you can get with a kit, who designed it, what it includes and what it doesn't. For example, a kit might only come with the materials you need and still require you to do do the cutting. Other kits may come completely ready to stack on your foundation (what you want). So know what you're getting. Being able to go to the building yard and see the "kit" pre built is going to be easier for you to know what's going to be transported to your site.

Log homes are harder to build, take longer to build, and yes, cost more than a regular stick frame.

I suggest knowing what kind of log home you want and finding a builder who specializes in that style and has some homes for you to see up close and get references from past clients.

The best in handcrafted log home builders/architects are found at the International Log Builders Association ILBA and can be found at