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Installing kitchen cabinets

How on earth do I install kitchen cabinets in a round log kitchen without them eventually skewing from settling???

Re: Installing kitchen cabinets

One way is to route a groove into the wall to accept a 2 x 4, just like you would with a partition wall. The 2 x 4 needs to be screwed down tight at either the top or the bottom, then slot the 2 x for the rest of the screws into the logs. Of course, the screws in the slots will just want the head touching, not tight.
Mount the cabinets to the 2x. You probably could even get by with a 1 x. Use however many 2x's or 1 x's you need to make a stable mounting. If the cabinets are fastened together tight at the front and back, it makes them more like a unit, and you won't need a vertical support on each one.

Re: Installing kitchen cabinets

You can try installing Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets.

Re: Installing kitchen cabinets

I like the ideas. Ready to install cabinets are the best to work with. I tried these recently in my bedroom and kitchen and they work awesomely well. I have not taken the pictures yet. But will soon share those. Thanks for this.
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