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Interior Log Refinishing


When I purchased my smallish (24' x 36') log home, I figured I'd refinish the interior of the log walls in a lighter shade, but this has proven to be harder than I thought. The logs are full round 10" pine.

The current shade is about a chocolate and is very dull/matte looking (almost looks like an eggshell dark brown paint), and I don't know what it actually is. All I know is that no chemical stripper puts a dent in it (for either oil or latex finishes), bleach does nothing, and sanding seems to be the only way to get rid of the dark stain. I sanded the small bathroom, and after about two weeks of dust and mess I decided that it is un-doable for the rest of the house.

My question is, is there any other technique I might try to strip the walls of the dark color? I would like to have them finished in a more pleasant honey color.

Can I sandblast inside the house? How long would it take me, or a professional?

Thanks for your help,

These dark walls are getting me depressed!

Erwin Gerrits

Re: Interior Log Refinishing

Say you own a log home or cabin but the color is very daunting, over the years you’ve always been told the only way to change the color of the existing color is to remove the current finish with a chemical striper, or other means of time consuming and labor intensive processes. Nothing could further from the truth now designers and refinishers can apply a new simplified color scheme / finish throughout the interior of any log home siding, or surface.

First off decide on a color of stain you ultimately desire, by picking out a graining base color and a gel stain topcoat color. After you decide your color prep the log home surfaces by sanding lightly and washing to remove oils and or grease. After all areas have been prepared apply a consistent coat of the graining base apply the product as if you where painting the siding. After the graining base is complete the next step is to apply the gel stain by using an ox hair paint brush and by dry brushing the stain onto the surface graining tool may be required to achieve wood grain. After you achieve the look you desire seal the surface with a sanding sealer and apply 2 or 3 coats of varnish.

For product information or support on how to change the color of your log home siding color, or how to lighten the interior of your darkly stained log home call toll free 866-874-2114 or email or online at
also look to for wood refinishing products, resources, and a great how to manual.

Jaworski's Coatings Inc. has been in operation for over three decades and has provided the above support and services to hundreds of clients. It is a family owned and operated business that works on projects from newly or already constructed homes. Specializing in log home refinishing and restoration, and professional interior exterior painting and decorating services.

Re: Interior Log Refinishing

I wholeheartedly agree, does great jobs in interior as well as exterior log refinishing.