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Existing roof issues!

I have a 30 year old New England log home. This house has a loft, with no attic and is open all the way up to the ceiling. The ceiling consists of 2" tounge and goove, then on top of that is 2"s of insulation board, then felt, then shingles. No plywood was ever put between the insulation and felt so the asphalt shingles are nailed with approx. 3" long nails through the insulation into the tounge and groove. The doormer (10" x 35") is leaking even after many attempts to fix it, so I am thinking of re-doing it but this time with plywood over the insulation, then felt then shingles. I can't think of any effective way to vent the 2" space effectivly to help dispell the heat. I obviously can't have any through hole vents into my bedroom area. Does anyone have any ideas of why they would have left the plywood off to start with? Maybe it will cause to air tight of a situation? Thanks T

Re: Existing roof issues!

I do not know why they wouldn't have sheeted the roof... Could be that they were cutting corners.

If it were mine; I would strap the top of the rafters up the roof with utility 2x4's, plywood over the top of these. Apply Ice/ Rain Guard or Grace Triflex30 through out the roof and then the roof cladding.

Ensure that there is vented soffit or a vented facer that will allow cool air in at the eves. Install a high rise vent as per manufacturer instructions to vent the space created by the utility 2x4's. Particularly if you are in an area that receives snow.

Re: Existing roof issues!

I might be a little late in my reply... Sorry.