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Penn Foster?

Hi there!

I just briefly wanted to say hi and let you know how great this website is! It's a wonderful resource and I hope more people will take advantage of it. I think the forum feature is great - it brings us all together in an industry where there are a LOT of questions about how to get started and how to make your mark. Cool!

I do have a question: I'm currently employed full time in the telecommunications field, but am hopeful about a future in medical assisting. Primarily, I'm focused on the administrative end of things - the billing, reception, front and back office portions "at the desk." I'm wondering about courses of study and I've heard some things about Penn Foster's program. From what I can tell they are not ABHES accredited, but would their program still provide a good basis for someone who already has several years work experience? If not, could you recommend a program that might be better suited?



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Re: Penn Foster?Please read!


I didn't know which Penn Foster you were referring too? There is one in PA and one in AZ, I did a BBB search online for the one in PA, and this is the following info. They are a member, but look how many complaints they had...

This is the one for AZ:

They have only had nine complaints vs. the PA school. I hope you take this into consideration, a school with PA's status sounds like it would be trouble..but it is your decision...just make sure you ask the right questions and research them, as far as accreditation, I would be hesitant in going, but that is my personal feeling. Good luck...

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Re: Penn Foster?


According to, Penn Foster is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, which is what they tell you to look for, when searching for nationally recognized accredited schools... I'm looking into them, myself, and have done a lot of research... Good luck!!

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