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Re: RMA vs CMA-One better than the other?

Re: RMA vs CMA-One better than the other?

Thank you all for posting these replies. I just happened to cross this site while researching for my med law on criteria for certification of MA's.
Thanx a lot I will be visiting this site often!

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Re: Re: RMA vs CMA-One better than the other?

my understanding has to do with the title itself

RMA is a REGISTERED medical assistant title given by the AMT. registering is a voluntary activity that doesn't NECESSARILY hold a lot of water. (although i'm sure most people who work to become RMAs have worked quite hard to get there.)

a CMA is a CERTIFIED medical assistant. that person has gone thru the certification process, including attending an accredited school.

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Re: Re: RMA vs CMA-One better than the other?

You can also become certifed after you have so many years experience (I think 5 or 7 years) without going to a school/MA program

Re: Re: RMA vs CMA-One better than the other?

The confusion stems from the fact that it's two different words that have the same meaning. Being registered IS being certified,an RMA IS a "CMA" only they use the initials RMA. The offices and companies that are still thinking that a RMA is somehow less than a CMA need to be educated.

Re: Re: RMA vs CMA-One better than the other?

They are the same; but not looked at as the same.

The two certifying agencies are the AAMA (American
Association of Medical Assistants) and the AMT (American Medical Technologists).

Accredited programs are either accredited by CAAHEP or ABHES.

MA's who attend a program accredited by CAAHEP take the CMA exam from AAMA.

MA'S who attend a program accredited by ABHES can take the CMA exam from AAMA or the RMA exam from AMT.

I'm not sure why anyone who attends an ABHES accredited program wouldn't want to take the CMA (AAMA) exam; because it is more recognized and accepted than the RMA.

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