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Need help getting back in field

Need some help. I graduated from a MA course in 2001. Have to stay at the job I had while in school because it paid more. I passed my MA exam in May I really need to find a job as an MA. One, because I love the medical field. Two, the hours are more beneficial to me and my child. I'm located in Richmond, VA and I don't know what to do.

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Re: Need help getting back in field

First off, understand that it can take up to several months to find something before you can safely "panic" if you haven't landed anything. Not everyone is going to be able to jump right into a position after classes are over, for a variety of reasons such as yours. Then realize that it isn't "you". It's easy to fall
into that mode of thinking when nothing comes your way, that there is something wrong with you or that you are not trying hard enough. Some areas of the country have sites that don't advertise as much. Others are stubbornly resisting hiring new grads (but although they will say that "experience only" hogwash, they will sometimes hire in a student who externed there and that student had as much experience as you do. Maybe some of these places need to be reminded of that). And then there is the big problem of so many hiring
personnel ignoring a resume with a notoriously bad school on it. For that I would suggest omitting the name (if you know your school is on that "list") and just writing "Trained at an accredited school" and list what you were taught, what you did at your externship, and to include the certifying agency you went through, and membership. Modify your resume continuously.

You need to list what avenues you have tried. Have you looked at There are many MA forums there that can be helpful in a supportive way. I see several listings for MA jobs on there in your area. Try calling these places rather than applying online.

Have you heard of either RediClinic or Retail Health? They will have jobs that come up where they send you to a store or a company to do wellness clinics. Try looking at their websites and CALLING their numbers. It's not steady work, but the jobs pay well and is a way of starting somewhere. Look up, like on Yahoo, all the temp agencies in your area and contact them also.

Is your school still in business? If not, then that will tell you something but if they are, contact them and ask them to HELP you like they are supposed to. Too many of these schools are getting off the hook when it comes to living up to their "job placement" promises.

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Re: Need help getting back in field

There is an organization called QTC Medical Services, they have an office in Alexandria, my friend lives in Virginia and works for them, here is their website, they are hiring for an MA, especially if you are registered. This is a fairly new listing, their starting pay is 11-13 dollars per hour, even if you are part time, you still get benefits! Look at their website and submit your resume, hopefully you are close to Alexandria. Good luck, keep me informed!

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Re: Need help getting back in field

First, check out the physician clinics near you that would give you a minimal commute (the closer you have to drive, the less money going out for gas).

Then decide what type of practice you would like to work in and target those offices. Make sure you have an updated resume, and practice your interview skills.

Seek out the services of your state employment office as well as temp agencies or private employment agencies (be careful with the privates --- do not go after the vacancies that requrie the job-seeker to pay a fee --- make sure the employer pays the fee).

If you need experience, go to work for a "low-cost" or indigent clinic in your area. If you dont' know how to locate one, contact your state health department. They should be able to put you in touch with someone. These are usually volunteer positions but it will give you some "experience" and can lead to further contacts. Some of these clinics are operated by churches and others by state funds. They always need help.

Other avenues to check out:
Ambulatory Surgical Centers (day surgery)
Dialysis and stand-along MRI centers.
Out-patients clinics in hospitals.
Laboratories: always looking for phlebotomists.
Blood Banks

Have you checked the local newspaper job wanted classifieds? Don;t overlook the clerical section: they often post opening for administrative medical assistants.

The possibilities are endless. But just remember --- ultimately YOU are the one who needs to check these places. No one is going to do it for you.

Keep me posted on your search. Good Luck to you!!!

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